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The best self-storage tips


Moving things into storage can be a time consuming and stressful task. Here are some of our best self-storage tips to make it that much easier!

Cleaning your items

You’ll want to make sure your things are clean before being put into storage because they’ll likely be sat in there for a while! Wash clothes, duvet covers and similar things and make sure your furniture is free from dust and dirt.

Packing the boxes

Wrap delicate things in cloth or bubble wrap and place them at the top of your boxes to assure they’re protected. Don’t overload your boxes and be sure to use sturdy boxes without holes in – you can find packing materials online and instore that will be perfect for the job.

Keeping organised

Colour code or label your boxes by room or type so that it’s easy to see what each box contains at a glance. You could also create an inventory of all your items so you know exactly what you’re putting into storage – it can be useful to refer to this later if you’re looking for something!

Storing the items

Be wise about how you store the items in your storage unit because you’ll want to make the best use of the space. Stack things to the ceiling and create an aisle in the middle of the unit so you’ll be able to make your way through easily when you need to take out your things. Be wary of items that need to be stored delicately, and keep tools on hand in case you need to disassemble your furniture. You can also save packing materials and space by making use of the items you’re going to store – for example, a bookcase or refrigerator can be filled with things like books and DVDs.

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