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Office Relocations made easy

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You’ve worked out the reasons going forward how an office relocation will benefit the company, but have you fully considered the logistics?

Here’s a few points you might want to mull.

You want to transplant your office to its new space in the most cost-effective, organised and efficient way possible. A poorly planned office relocation can be disastrous. Time is money. You want to be back to running your business as soon as you can. So rigorous planning and strategic preparation is of the essence. It’s important that your staff are informed of the move date as far in advance as you can and delegate tasks to be met. Don’t forget that even the best plans will hit some or other obstacle somewhere along the way.

Make sure you keep the administrators of the office space you’re moving into in the loop too. And your clients, naturally. They will need to know your new communications details, your delivery address and will more readily appreciate any temporary hitches that might occur as a consequence of the move.

We suggest that you make use of us at this early stage.

We do Swindon office removals. We can pay your premises a visit and view the job for ourselves, identify items that require careful handling, so that we can advise on a strategy that will streamline the relocation process. We like to think that with our wealth of experience we can save you time and by seeing the work involved, draw up a more accurate price quote.

We suggest that if you are packing that you supervise staff to put things into boxes with easily read labels, colour-coded to indicate where they will be offloaded at the new premises. Even better, use plastic totes – bucket-like storage containers – which stack better and don’t need to be assembled and later broken down.

A move is a great time to declutter too. Get rid of what you no longer need to save you time and effort packing, money in decreasing the volume of stuff you need to transport and less clutter later in the new office.

And to help you further, we can organise the storage of equipment and the disposal of the things you decide to throw out.

If you’re Swindon-based and looking to move office, do get in touch with us in the first instance and let us help you limit the unnecessary disruptions of an office relocation.


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