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Packing up

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Take the stress out of packing up your home on a move by following these guidelines.

Start the process early. For a large house, two months should be enough time if you pack one box a day. For smaller homes, one month should do it.

You’ll need lots of boxes. You can order them online, but supermarkets and pharmacists are also a good source. Use suitcases too. You’re going to transport them anyway and they’re fantastically robust. A good idea is to designate one case for your toiletries and emergency items you’ll need when you first arrive at your new home.

Before you start, be advised to pack heavier items in your smaller boxes. Reserve larger boxes for lighter items. This will make them easier to lug on moving day. Also, make sure you don’t pack more than 30 pounds (14kg) in each box. You’re either going to risk a back injury or the box busting under its own weight.

Pack one room at a time. This will help you keep organised. Deal first with the least-used rooms in your house. Your spare room, your guest room, for instance. Pack items you don’t use on a regular basis like books and seasonal items such as garden tools, winter coats and Christmas decorations.

It’s a good idea when labelling your boxes, to use a different colour pen for each room. Your kids might like doing this, maybe even get them involved in packing the toys in their rooms. Write the contents on the sides of the boxes so they’re easier to distinguish when they’re stacked.

When you load boxes, make sure you fill any empty spaces. You can use old, scrunched-up newspapers, packing papers, or old rags. Securing the items will limit damage in transit. With any sharp objects such as kitchen knives, scissors and other cutting tools, tape them up so they won’t puncture the box or risk causing injury when you’re unpacking.

A great way to maximise use of space in any property is to install sliding wardrobe doors – they offer great style, usability and really enhance space saving.

Last of all, stacking. Remember, heavier boxes on the bottom. You don’t want to crush anything that’s in your lighter boxes. The ‘heavy boxes’ are best filled with things like books.

If you’re local, we’re proud to say that we come highly recommended for Swindon house removals. If you require, we are experienced in helping with the wrapping and packing of fragile and delicate items. We will use professional, clean tissue paper (to avoid leaving unwanted marks on items), bubble wrap and crates to ensure the protection of your belongings.

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