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Removal Companies Share Handy Tips On Things You Should Know About Your New Home

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When it comes to removal companies, Swindon has a number to choose from and whilst moving from the old to the new may be daunting for you, it is very much their area of expertise and they have seen it all.

One thing that removal companies, Swindon and beyond, have noted is that clients are often superstar organisers when it comes to their old homes.

They pack, label and leave it spotlessly tidy for the next owners, but sometimes overlook a few facts about their new pad.

Here are a few key questions that you might want to ask regarding your new home:

When is the refuge collected?

With up to three bins to juggle, you might want to check what day the general waste goes out. Don’t forget the recycling and green waste too.

Is it once weekly or less often? You will have a fair bit of waste to dispose of after all of that un-packing!

Are there any DIY leftovers they would like to leave behind?

When it comes to moving your goods, you can count on removal companies, Swindon based ones in particular, to be careful.

However, that tight hallway corner may be tricky to manoeuvre the baby grand piano around, so a little scuff or two may be inevitable.

Chances are the previous owners would rather not lug half tins of paint or surplus tiles from the last bout of decorating with them, so that half-tin of apple blossom tint left in the garage could be a godsend for touching up the wall.

Are there any valid warranties?

If the sellers have agreed to leave some of the appliances or other household items, be sure to check if any have warranties that are still enforceable.

If so ask them to leave them for you, so you know who to call if the range oven or new gas fire warranty you had agreed on expires on day two in your new place.

Are there any special cleaning tips?

Of the UK’s removal companies, Swindon has some of the most ship-shape, but even they occasionally leave behind a few dirty finger-prints or muddy foot-prints whilst unloading your goods.

Check with the previous owners about cleaning products etc. Did they use something particular on the oak floor that brought out the shine?

Where are the utility related gizmo’s?

I’m sure water stopcocks, electricity meters and gas meters are on a list somewhere of “boring but important things to locate!”

Yes, you will be excited about your new home and may be more interested in the location of the local off-license for a celebratory bottle of champers, but ask the sellers about the practicalities too. It will save you time and worry.

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