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The Big Move

If buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, why add to the stress when it comes to the actual moving?

Fortunately, we have a grand man with a van plan for you if you’re moving in Swindon. To work seamlessly together.

Organise your move in advance of your moving date so that you can cut down the risk of having to make stressful last-minute arrangements. And make sure you keep a line of communication with us. Share with us any issues there might be about accessibility to your property, such as parking restrictions or if, say, you have a narrow or just a walk-in driveway.

Your Swindon man with a van can provide that extra manpower you wouldn’t necessarily be able to get if you were thinking of hiring your own vehicle. Let our man know what big, heavy items you will be taking, such as a hefty piano or a pool table. He can then assess what type of vehicle you will need and if necessary how many; and the assistance and tools he might need to employ to disassemble and move heavy items. All things that will make the move on the day that bit more efficient.

Plan four to eight weeks to structure the organisation of your move. So go ahead and order all the packing material you will need in advance. You will require boxes of various sizes, masking tape, scissors, label stickers, marker pens and bubble-wrap.

When you’re packing everything up, make sure you set aside stuff you will need to stow away in an ‘essentials bag’. Everything you will need to function the next day or perhaps a few days after the move. You will need for instance, your toiletries, clean clothes, your phone chargers, food for meal times and don’t forget toilet rolls.

On the day of the move you will want to keep focused on the task in hand. You won’t want any unnecessary distractions. If you have kids, you know that that is a likely probability! Plan to have the grandparents to take care of them or beg a favour off friends. Else be creative about having them either help with the move or set aside a room or outside space for the kids to occupy themselves.

If you want the reassurance of moving stress-free, contact us in advance to arrange a Swindon man with a van.

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