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Why do people want to move house?

Family with little kids arrive at new home

Why do people want to move house?

Moving house is one of the most stressful life events that you can go through, and yet people do it again and again. 

Why? Why put yourself and your family through the stress, hassle and upheaval? 

Size Matters

When it comes to houses, size really does matter. Not in the sense that bigger or smaller is better, but whether your home is the right size for you and your family.

Older homeowners, whose children have long since flown the nest, will often sell their home in order to downsize – essentially moving to suit their shrinking family needs. 

Younger homeowners, however, are often upsizing as their families are growing. 

A one-roomed studio would not suit a couple for long so moving to a one-bedroomed flat would be the next logical step. And then as they have children and get a pet their requirements change and they start to look for a larger home, perhaps with a garden. 

Circumstance Change

Other reasons for moving home can be a change of circumstance which means your home is no longer suitable for you and your family needs. 

Perhaps you need to relocate to another city (or even country) for work, and although your current home is ideal physically it is in the wrong location. 

Families with children reaching school age may make the decision to move home to be within the catchment area of a good school. 

Alternatively, families in the city may decide to move to a more rural setting to provide a safer environment for their children to grow up in, whereas young adults may move from the country to the city to chase the opportunities. 

Reasons for moving are as varied as the people who are moving – and every decision made is right for that individual or family. 

If you are planning to move house soon, for whatever reason, why not contact Robbins Removals to discuss how we can help the process go through hitch-free. 

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